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  • Weekly Tweet Recap

    Week 6: Kim Harvey

    Good morning! I’m @SallyThomasNC, hosting the Daisy Chain this week, and shining the light on @kimharveypoet, associate editor at @PalettePoetry and award-winning poet. I encourage everyone to visit Kim’s website — kimharvey.net — and explore her work.

    Reading Kim’s poems, I’ve been struck by their range and inventiveness. As a lover of the sonnet, I particularly admire this poem, “Sonnet for the Night Shift“, which I remember reading and liking when it first appeared in @RattleMag‘s ekphrastic series.

    In this poem I admire the marriage of the highly-rhetorical form with the gritty poignancy of its subject (late-night restaurant shift work). The closing couplet drives this complexity home: ” . . . for busting ass/and for refilling every empty glass.”

    I also admire the way the accrual of details, external and internal, open out the easy phrase “this one’s for you,” pinning it to an exact and, again, complex physical and emotional reality: “for how her hair falls at the nape of her/neck, for the way memory works . . . ”

    Again, this is a poem I vividly remember reading when it first appeared, almost a year ago. Re-encountering it on Kim’s publications page, I thought, “Oh, yeah! THIS poem! This was GREAT.” Again, I just like sonnets generally. But this is only a glimpse at Kim’s range as a writer.

    So do yourself a favor this week: read “Sonnet for the Night Shift“, but then revisit Kim’s index of publications and keep reading.

    Also, while I’m here this morning, I’d like to thank K. Weber, aka @midwesternskirt, for the generous spotlight last week. Thanks too to @nipponhamz, whose brainchild this Daisy Chain project is. Finally, thanks to everyone who’s reading, retweeting, boosting the signal.

    Good morning! @SallyThomasNC here again, to encourage all you lovely Daisy-Chainers to pay @kimharveypoet‘s portfolio a visit this week & find a poem to share. My pick for today: “Tappahannock,” at 3 Elements Review (page 91).

    Now you are here, walking through tall stalks
    of corn, fingering a rat skull in your pocket like a lucky
    penny you picked up along the way.

    Now imagine the claw that felled her, or the blade, ants entering
    the eyehole, hawk who finished her off . . .

    I love the whole poem. The strength of this opening, lies not only in the particularity of action & detail, but in the way internal sounds move the poem forward from line to line: the internal rhyme, walk/stalk, in line one, the persistent hard K (skull, pocket, lucky, picked)…

    …in subsequent lines. Though the pattern’s irregular, the ear is always primed for the next chime, and this as much as anything else gives this meditative poem momentum and urgency. Do read the whole poem, and then investigate Kim’s other work.

    Happy Thursday, all! A reminder that @kimharveypoet is our featured poet this week: if you haven’t already, do take a moment to visit her site (https://www.kimharvey.net/) and explore her work, including (for example) “Reaching Repton Mill.”

    Something to get you started, anyway, if you’re short on time and energy . . .

    Good evening, all! SallyThomasNC here, thanking the @DaisyChainPoetz for the opportunity to boost @kimharveypoet’s signal this week. Please pay her a visit on the web at https://www.kimharvey.net/ — no time like the present, and the poems are the reward.

  • Weekly Tweet Recap

    Week 5: Sally Thomas

    K Weber (@midwesternskirt) here! I am pleased to introduce you to the poet @SallyThomasNC this week! Sally’s website welcomes you with a robust, writing-focused blog! In the days ahead, we will traverse Sally’s website & learn more about this NC poet!

    Today I present @SallyThomasNC’s poetry page! sally-thomas.com/p/poetry.html Links to Sally’s published poems are listed, but we can also access other poetry-related writings! Read through this thread as I aim to shine a spotlight on some of Sally’s poetry endeavors here!

    Sally is adept at free verse & rhymed poetry. Her rhymes are effortless, welcoming; the forms less formal or rigid. Often a series of rhymed lines have near-, visual-, or off-rhyme. 3 poems w/ nonchalant, image-packed rhyme at @Mezzocammin.

    In Sally’s free verse poem, “Detachment,” couplets appear, but the syllable structure of each line differs. The layout is detached; lines seem formal but exist in unrhymed duets. It is an adventure to wander the poets’ content in this scaffolding.

    I love “Memoir” and all the rewarding imagery.

    That bluebell line & how it relates back to the initial questioning!

    “A new child confected on its altar.”

    “Combing the… current”

    Each line careful with the idea of whether we exist in a photo!

    Do take note of the other poetry-relevant links Sally has included on her poetry page. Here you can read her notes and posts about certain aspects of poetry, find more about one of her collections of poetry, and delve deeper into blog posts regarding poetry.

    The rest of this week I will talk about Sally’s books, themes in her poetry, other genres in which she writes and takes great interest, and more! See you Wednesday morning for more on this talented writer!

    Now we will take a look at some of @SallyThomasNC ’s writing outside of poetry. We will circle back to her poetry themes & books later this week! I am so excited to get to know writers who express themselves via multiple genres; so close to my own heart!

    Sally’s fiction page shares fiction, flash & e-shorts you can read fairly quickly! “Spiders in the Fall” from Barren Magazine #3 is just the perfect balance of sparse-but-imagistic beauty and the feeling of holding your breath while reading.

    Such an abundant array of topics covered at Sally’s page of essays and reviews.

    I enjoyed her “Fantasy & Faith” article which maintains her poetic tone but looks at such a fascinating intersection of themes from an@honest and spirited angle!

    On Thursday we will visit Sally’s podcasts/recordings and her recommended links! Looking forward to hearing Sally read aloud. I see music listings as well! I have a few more highlights, too! Friday I will finish with her poetry themes & collections!

    I will focus on @SallyThomasNC’s audio recordings & her fresh page of links today & we will look more at her blog! Starting with the Podcasts page I am very curious to hear Sally read! Also… music! Head to https://www.sally-thomas.com/p/podcasts.html & follow along in this thread!

    I went directly to the music! I was pleased to find “When Jesus Wept.” I listen to & create layered sounds in secular music & recorded poetry. It was new to hear a hymn performed in this manner. Sally’s voice is lovely in this soundscape!

    Sally has discussed poetry in the context of appreciation & homeschooling at http://podtail.com/en/podcast/the-mason-jar/-30-on-poetry-with-sally-thomas/

    You can hear her read “The Beach House,” at http://archive.org/details/TheBeachHousePodcast11.4.16.band

    These are both about 1 hour. Bookmark & spend some time listening to Sally’s recordings!

    Sally has recently added writing links to her website! We are thrilled that the @DaisyChainPoetz website is featured: http://daisychainpoetz.com. She also started off her links page by including our list of poets and their unique site links!

    Revisiting Sally’s blog today from https://www.sally-thomas.com/?m=1. I wanted to note her excellent, motivating posts! She posts about local readings & her participation! I enjoy the posts on newly and forthcoming publishing efforts! Her blog is so inviting for poets and writers!

    On Friday I will present the grand finale of Sally’s website offerings. We will get acquainted with her books and present more about her writing themes! Until tomorrow this is @midwesternskirt
    saying thanks for supporting this page and the poets in focus!

    This is our last day covering poet @SallyThomasNC’s website! It has been a grand adventure spending more time with one poet’s words and talent! Let’s talk more about Sally’s poetry themes and styles!

    https://wildgoosepoetryreview.wordpress.com/spring-2018/sally-thomas-3-poems/ is a nice place to start!

    “In That Place” is adorned with couplets, resonating empathy:

    “Looking up, you’d see the the lamps left on In a window — yours — exhaling gold in the dark.”

    Also at http://wildgoosepoetryreview.wordpress.com/spring-2018/sally-thomas-3-poems/. “Storm Season” with it’s quietly magnificent imagery in free verse, devastating line breaks:

    “This island’s a curving fossil spine
    In a broken white
    Scree of breakers. Wet
    Thunderheads pile like dirty rags above it.”

    Comparing those 2 to other poems mentioned this week, I feel a sense of care & illumination; all in the context of emotions & situations to which many relate. Lots of surprising details! Even her fiction is poetic! A sense of faith & hope emboldens many pieces as well.

    I have not yet had the chance to read Sally’s books, but 2 are available for purchase:


    Her forthcoming book, “Motherland,” is already earning good reviews!

    What a sweet stroll through @SallyThomasNC’s online presence this week! I appreciate how many of you have enjoyed! Next week, Sally will present the next poet!

    @midwesternskirt signing off after a tremendous week! If anyone would like to add anything, feel free!!!

  • Weekly Tweet Recap

    Week 4: K Weber

    This is @leepottspoet, your host for this week’s DCoP adventure. I’m thrilled share the work of K Weber (@midwesternskirt). Let’s start with K’s website (https://kweberandherwords.wordpress.com/) where the first thing you find are links to free PDFs of her 4 poetry collections. More tomorrow…

    Day 2 of @midwesternskirt‘s DCoP week. K graduated from Miami university with a creative writing BA in 1999. As mentioned yesterday, she has 4 published poetry collections.

    In addition to the PDFs of these books that are available on her site, kweberandherwords.wordpress.com, she has also recorded companion audio book versions that are also available for free.

    Three of these audio books include evocative soundscapes she created to go along with her wordscapes. Here’s the SoundCloud stream of her most recent collection: cling as ink – https://soundcloud.com/kweberandherwords/cling-as-ink-2018.

    I think that you’ll agree that K has a really great reading voice. Tomorrow, we’ll start looking at some specific poems.

    @midwesternskirt‘s website also lists her many journal pubs. “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” in Black Heart Magazine really struck a chord in me:

    I have not yet
    felt winter
    in my bones.

    The radiator
    spits in fuss.

    The window
    then hiccups

    I love the how @midwesternskirt turns a phrase. She says things in a startling way without being difficult to follow and she invokes beautiful, very precise images. “baby, it’s warm outside” is one of my favorites from her second collection — Bluest Grey

    [This week’s tweets by Lee Potts (@leepottspoet)]