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Week 11: Kyla Houbolt

This is @daniellejhanson hosting this week’s look at the author website of Kyla Houbolt (@luaz_poet): linktr.ee/luaz_poet. Kyla’s website goes straight to the heart of the matter and includes links to all of her published work!

Kyla lives and writes in Gastonia, NC. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in Black Bough Poetry, Juke Joint Magazine, Barren Magazine, Mojave He[art] Review, The Hellebore, and elsewhere.


In the below feature / interview with Matt Smith, founder of Black Bough Poetry, Kyla says: “I hope anyone who reads my work is entertained, deepened maybe, uplifted maybe, but at least comes away with a sense of pleasure in the words read and enjoyment of the exchange of energy”.



As a reader, I came away with all of that and much more in exploring her work. For example, check out her poem “Invitation” – originally published in Mojave He[art] Review. According to Kyla, this poem was inspired by Juleigh Howard-Hobson’s poem “War Water” in Coffin Bell: https://coffinbell.com/war-water/. Kyla was fascinated by the very idea of war water (Google it!), and her poem “Invitation” came out of that fascination.


In addition to being widely published in journals, Kyla has two chapbooks that are out there looking for a home. I’ll end with a lovely micro-poem of hers from Detritus Online:

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