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Week 12: Amy Poague

This is Kyla Houbolt, here to highlight this week’s featured poet on @DaisyChainPoetz – Amy Poague (@PoagueAmy). Amy’s website – amypoague.wordpress.com/poetry/ – is intriguing and well-organized, and includes links to many of her poems. Go have a look! (I really love her long poem titles!) She is an Iowa City-based poet who works in education at a junior high.
Amy holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from Eastern Michigan University. She considers herself lucky to have graduated from one of the few interdisciplinary creative writing programs in the country and seeks out interdiscipinary and multimodal approaches to teaching and creative practice. Her experiences have included stints at 826michigan (Ann Arbor), FLY Children’s Art Center (now FLY Creativity Lab, in Ypsilanti, MI), and the International Writing Program (Iowa City, IA).

Amy’s work is widely published in journals. I fell in love with one of her recent poems, “Notes from a Medically Unnecessary Ride Home” – originally published in Ghost City Press:


Here are a couple more of her poems that also resonated with Daisy Chain readers. First, “If Ever a Ferris Wheel Held You” – originally published in Rockvale Review:


And finally, this lovely, older, tiny poem, “Kaleidoscope Repair, Volume One” – which was selected for the 2007 Poetry in Public project sponsored by the Iowa City Public Art Program:



Y’all. These are my kind of poems. Do yourself a favor and read around some on Amy’s site. You’ll find many more treasures, I promise you.

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