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Weekly Tweet Recap

Week 3: Lee Potts

This week let’s check out @LeePottsPoet‘s work. Lee is a Pennsylvania poet and contributing editor for @BarrenMagazine who recently rejoined the writing community after a 25yr. hiatus. http://www.leepotts.net.

I launched others down gullies
into storm drains.
I imagined a few made it out to sea,
swallowed up by fish,
and spit back out on the coast where
each could do the most good.

Saint Layered Like Leaves” by @LeePottsPoet in @GhostCityPress.

– – – –

“Photos make us fools.
Not as light as a brittle brown leaf,
or a train ticket home,
but almost as likely
to lift up out of reckless fingers
into the wind, down the street.”

“Aspect” by @LeePottsPoet in @SugarHouseRev

You can even give it a listen at https://thesoundofsugar.blogspot.com/2019/01/aspect-by-lee-potts-issue-18.html

– – – –
Out All Night” by @LeePottsPoet in @AmethystReview  is a beautiful little blood sacrifice poem.

[This week’s tweets by Katelyn Delvaux (@kadelvaux)]

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