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Week 4: K Weber

This is @leepottspoet, your host for this week’s DCoP adventure. I’m thrilled share the work of K Weber (@midwesternskirt). Let’s start with K’s website (https://kweberandherwords.wordpress.com/) where the first thing you find are links to free PDFs of her 4 poetry collections. More tomorrow…

Day 2 of @midwesternskirt‘s DCoP week. K graduated from Miami university with a creative writing BA in 1999. As mentioned yesterday, she has 4 published poetry collections.

In addition to the PDFs of these books that are available on her site, kweberandherwords.wordpress.com, she has also recorded companion audio book versions that are also available for free.

Three of these audio books include evocative soundscapes she created to go along with her wordscapes. Here’s the SoundCloud stream of her most recent collection: cling as ink – https://soundcloud.com/kweberandherwords/cling-as-ink-2018.

I think that you’ll agree that K has a really great reading voice. Tomorrow, we’ll start looking at some specific poems.

@midwesternskirt‘s website also lists her many journal pubs. “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” in Black Heart Magazine really struck a chord in me:

I have not yet
felt winter
in my bones.

The radiator
spits in fuss.

The window
then hiccups

I love the how @midwesternskirt turns a phrase. She says things in a startling way without being difficult to follow and she invokes beautiful, very precise images. “baby, it’s warm outside” is one of my favorites from her second collection — Bluest Grey

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