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Week 6: Kim Harvey

Good morning! I’m @SallyThomasNC, hosting the Daisy Chain this week, and shining the light on @kimharveypoet, associate editor at @PalettePoetry and award-winning poet. I encourage everyone to visit Kim’s website — kimharvey.net — and explore her work.

Reading Kim’s poems, I’ve been struck by their range and inventiveness. As a lover of the sonnet, I particularly admire this poem, “Sonnet for the Night Shift“, which I remember reading and liking when it first appeared in @RattleMag‘s ekphrastic series.

In this poem I admire the marriage of the highly-rhetorical form with the gritty poignancy of its subject (late-night restaurant shift work). The closing couplet drives this complexity home: ” . . . for busting ass/and for refilling every empty glass.”

I also admire the way the accrual of details, external and internal, open out the easy phrase “this one’s for you,” pinning it to an exact and, again, complex physical and emotional reality: “for how her hair falls at the nape of her/neck, for the way memory works . . . ”

Again, this is a poem I vividly remember reading when it first appeared, almost a year ago. Re-encountering it on Kim’s publications page, I thought, “Oh, yeah! THIS poem! This was GREAT.” Again, I just like sonnets generally. But this is only a glimpse at Kim’s range as a writer.

So do yourself a favor this week: read “Sonnet for the Night Shift“, but then revisit Kim’s index of publications and keep reading.

Also, while I’m here this morning, I’d like to thank K. Weber, aka @midwesternskirt, for the generous spotlight last week. Thanks too to @nipponhamz, whose brainchild this Daisy Chain project is. Finally, thanks to everyone who’s reading, retweeting, boosting the signal.

Good morning! @SallyThomasNC here again, to encourage all you lovely Daisy-Chainers to pay @kimharveypoet‘s portfolio a visit this week & find a poem to share. My pick for today: “Tappahannock,” at 3 Elements Review (page 91).

Now you are here, walking through tall stalks
of corn, fingering a rat skull in your pocket like a lucky
penny you picked up along the way.

Now imagine the claw that felled her, or the blade, ants entering
the eyehole, hawk who finished her off . . .

I love the whole poem. The strength of this opening, lies not only in the particularity of action & detail, but in the way internal sounds move the poem forward from line to line: the internal rhyme, walk/stalk, in line one, the persistent hard K (skull, pocket, lucky, picked)…

…in subsequent lines. Though the pattern’s irregular, the ear is always primed for the next chime, and this as much as anything else gives this meditative poem momentum and urgency. Do read the whole poem, and then investigate Kim’s other work.

Happy Thursday, all! A reminder that @kimharveypoet is our featured poet this week: if you haven’t already, do take a moment to visit her site (https://www.kimharvey.net/) and explore her work, including (for example) “Reaching Repton Mill.”

Something to get you started, anyway, if you’re short on time and energy . . .

Good evening, all! SallyThomasNC here, thanking the @DaisyChainPoetz for the opportunity to boost @kimharveypoet’s signal this week. Please pay her a visit on the web at https://www.kimharvey.net/ — no time like the present, and the poems are the reward.

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