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Week 8: William James

This week’s Daisy Chain spotlight is on William James @thebilljim, a poet & train enthusiast from Manchester, NH. Everyone: check out his website williamjamespoetry.com, and his book, REBEL HEARTS & RESTLESS GHOSTS @timbermouseatx – damn, that cover! – which “kicks in the door and drags us by the collar through the underground“ (Hanif Abdurraqib).

On his site, you’ll find videos, reviews, interviews, & poems like this one from @gravelmag. I love the focus on “our own simple magnificence” that runs through his work. His poems examine “what is”; they argue that there is no need for embellishment.

Watching @thebilljim William James’ passionate reading of his poem “Saltire (for Chicago, after Allen Ginsberg)” is what you need this morning. This poem is enough to make anyone a ferroequinologist. I’m WOWED.



I have this poem saved in the favorites of my camera roll because there are just some days I couldn’t be 10% of who I am without it. “It is not you who has shattered, only the glass.” Life altering and achingly beautiful.

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