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Week 9: Brian Simoneau

Hello, Daisy Chain’rs! @thebilljim here to tell you a bit about poet and fellow New Englander, @brian_simoneau. Brian is the author of “River Bound,” which in 2013 was awarded the De Novo Poetry Prize, selected by poet Arthur Smith.

I’m a sucker for a good cover, and my goodness does this one deliver. This looks like the cover to a record I’m likely to take down from the shelf on a stormy late summer night, when the melancholy just settles into your bones like an old friend.





Of this collection, Dorianne Laux had this to say: “No detail is too small for Simoneau’s gaze, which takes each nail and board and beam surrounding it into account with a carpenter’s knack for shape, structure, precision.”

But the blurb that really made me want to rush out & order my copy of this book ASAP, is this from Arthur Smith: “What better place to discover song than in your own hometown?” As someone who has a complicated love/hate relationship with my hometown, this hit. Hard.

Here is the poem “North of Stinson Beach” from this collection – it was also featured on Verse Daily:


You can read more about this book, including a full review in @gravelmag, and even find how to procure a copy for yourself, all on Brian’s website: https://www.briansimoneaupoet.com/

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